How should I use my television?

There is this item called television in my house. It looks rather big and is very heavy. I placed a biscuit underneath the TV to check the heaviness of it and I was surprised.

I yelled “blasphemy, blasphemy!” immediately. My TV crushed the biscuit into pieces! I was thinking of placing my thumb underneath the TV but then my pet cat slapped me. It stared at me and said, “Look at me dammit! Look into eyes! I love you so don’t do anything stupid” and that was the first time my cat looked immensely sexy to me. The way it threw it’s paws to pause my stupidity (pun not intended). What a kitty! And no I don’t support bestiality. There is something called “animal love”.

But when I read the manual, I realised “this object is certainly not used for breaking things at all.” And that was when I promised myself to read the manual before trying to use a high-priced object. But frankly speaking, I rarely listen to promises that I make to myself.


A fight

Blen was roaming around his school during lunch break. Sipping apple juice from a brand new bottle he had bought from a cheap store.

“Wow, such a rich taste. This apple juice has a smooth texture accompanying a tangy flavor that flirtingly stings the other end of my tongue.”

He was walking around the corridor, which was surrounded by a few classes. A scene caught his attention and to his surprise, he saw two kids grabbing each other’s collars. They sprouted nasty words, which were heavily vulgar for kids to use.

“What might you benefit from fighting against each other?” Blen asked the two boys.

“This fool insulted me!” said one.

“He started it!” said the other.

Blen, without thinking twice, opened his juice bottle and splashed the fluid on both the kids. The kids were sodden and their uniform, fully drenched in freshly pressed apple juice. The kids looked beautifully yellow.

“Ah, such art. You both look great. I can’t tell which one is wetter. You or you.”

The kids were furious. Their face was red as peach (or cherries). Both ran after Blen as fast as they could. But Blen was faster. After reaching a certain point, both kids had given up. They were sweaty and bent down tired with their hands on their knees.

“Both of you collaborated and ran. Well done. Now continue your fight,” said Blen smilingly.

Love is impure

Love was made impure,

Had become truly blind,

Love made you unsure,

Forced your memories to rewind.

Love had broke you down,

Made you go against your will,

Love tore your hearts gown,

Became a sour pill.

Love is not love,

Wants you not to wake up,

Love (truth) is hidden love,

All else is egos’ make up.


Waiting, breathing,

Warm lava seething;

Detention, causing;

Attention seeking.

Boiling, heaving,

Hot eruption pouring;

Drifting with purity,

Running swiftly.

Devouring, melting,

Mercilessly speeding,

Its wrath maddens,

Burn all heavens.

Concerned being

Being concerned about someone?

It’s not well appreciated by everyone.

But try not to beat yourself,

An individual will like you for sure.

Most people have no time,

To even think of someone,

Busy with other responsibilities,

You can’t blame them for it.

Despite your concern for others,

If people don’t pay it back,

Keep giving them attention,

Because the sun has always been shining.


Raindrops fall,

On a crystal lake,

Brief ripples form,

Droplets disappear.

Raindrops blend,

With soil and land,

Transforms texture,

Forming new features.

Raindrops hit,

On stones and metals,

Glides and moves; without

A purpose.

Drowning in desires

Lust has won the game,

Stripping apart morality,

No self-control is needed,

Of what use are values?

Innocence loses its place,

Playfulness lives no more,

With a grim face he looks,

The mirror shows a monster.

Throughout his life,

He ran after desires,

Nothing could hold him in a place,

He runs after illusionary ropes.

Show up! Open! Come forward!

Or this monster will sin forever,

Drowning himself in his desires,

Won’t you save him now?