Drunk old man

A man found himself lost inside a dream one night. He saw an old man with ripped clothes and his appearance was funnily clumsy. His beard and hair was long and cluttered. But his face sparkled with genuine bliss and happiness. The old man was dancing in front of a shattered mirror carelessly.

He asked, “Old geezer, have you lost your mind?”

Replied the old man, “I’m drunk.”

“Since when?”

“When I was drunk like the rest of humanity, I did not realize that I was drunk. But when I finally became sober, the rest of humanity looked drunk to me. And people accused me of being drunk.”


Vroom, vroom!

Vroom, vroom!

Fingers on the key,

Switches on,

The car starts.


And the car moves,

Gains momentum,

And gears change.

It accelerates high,

As the wheels roll,

Engine revs up,

And goes beyond hundred.

Drifts to the left,

And the steering wheel spins,

Car skids and smoothly,

Comes back to its state.

Drinking what little fuel,

The car held in its tank,

Digital meter indicates,

That it is low on petrol.

The driver grinning,

Speaks on his hands-free Bluetooth,

And says, “Come on, come on. You’ve

Got to rev up mate!”

Approximately 50 meters away,

A shining red sports car is,

Tailing a white coupé,

Its engine vrooming as it throttles.

“You’re driving a coupé dammit!

Why are you so fast?”

Replies the man who is,

Driving the sports car.

“It’s not about the car Mr. Forsen.

It never was, never is. It’s all about the driver,”

Says Paulo, sitting in the black driver’s seat,

Using his footwork with ease on the pedals.

The coupé abruptly began to slow down,

“Listen. No more fuel left. I’ve got to stop.

I won right?”

“Oh shut up,” replies Mr. Forsen.

A fight

Blen was roaming around his school during lunch break. Sipping apple juice from a brand new bottle he had bought from a cheap store.

“Wow, such a rich taste. This apple juice has a smooth texture accompanying a tangy flavor that flirtingly stings the other end of my tongue.”

He was walking around the corridor, which was surrounded by a few classes. A scene caught his attention and to his surprise, he saw two kids grabbing each other’s collars. They sprouted nasty words, which were heavily vulgar for kids to use.

“What might you benefit from fighting against each other?” Blen asked the two boys.

“This fool insulted me!” said one.

“He started it!” said the other.

Blen, without thinking twice, opened his juice bottle and splashed the fluid on both the kids. The kids were sodden and their uniform, fully drenched in freshly pressed apple juice. The kids looked beautifully yellow.

“Ah, such art. You both look great. I can’t tell which one is wetter. You or you.”

The kids were furious. Their face was red as peach (or cherries). Both ran after Blen as fast as they could. But Blen was faster. After reaching a certain point, both kids had given up. They were sweaty and bent down tired with their hands on their knees.

“Both of you collaborated and ran. Well done. Now continue your fight,” said Blen smilingly.