Believing is seeing

The suffering type; begin concrete reliabilities,

Dividing rules into unspeakable cruelties,

Creating hate groups in nationalities,

Revolting against false realities.

Revealing is another concept,

Revolving spiritual dialects,

Inventing grand secrets,

Hiding behind social rejects.

The brainy intelligent beings,

Think seeing is believing; but

They don’t know the calling,

That ‘’believing is seeing’’.

When no one gets it,

You begin to feel it,

Without beholding it,

You won’t reveal it.


False and lies

For you don’t realise,

False and lies,

Before your mind cries,

Break false from lies.

Farther from the truth,

Your books are nothing but fairy’s tooth,

Your mind opens up,

As if clouds clear up.

Nevertheless you search,

Again for the torch,

Rustling through pages,

Drinking words from cages.

Consider this my friend,

Pages have no end,

Taking you towards arrogance,

Since heart has no sense.