Emotional, rational beings,

Coral, delusional offerings,

Cruel, irrational doings,




Anger brings about,

Fear and darkness only,

Peace becomes hidden.

Feelings of hatred

A massacre that shook me,

And struck peoples gut,

Feelings of hatred heave,

Incite more hatred uncut.

Unattended emotions that rise,

With flames of darkness roughing,

Up little angels; never suffice,

With war that’s butchering.

Stop hiding behind labels,

You absolute low-life cowards,

Chaos and your causes,

Only turns you into hardcore retards.


Test of willpower,

Rests in your experience,

Open the treasure.

Effortlessly win

Critical minimalist seining light,

Holding onto a rope that’s tight,

Whining no more, thoughts turn sore,

Syringe of darkness strikes area-four.

Swirl and turn away from delight,

Now to know the lifelong fight,

Observe the chaos, lying within,

Realise the peace and effortlessly win.

Squirrel and parrot

Animals on tree,

Squirrel takes a leap of faith,

Parrot flies first.

To the music

Dance to the music,

Involve yourself,

Until you’re sick,

Groove with yourself.

Don’t make a noise,

Let the tune in,

If your senses rise,

Forget about sin.