Effortlessly win

Critical minimalist seining light,

Holding onto a rope that’s tight,

Whining no more, thoughts turn sore,

Syringe of darkness strikes area-four.

Swirl and turn away from delight,

Now to know the lifelong fight,

Observe the chaos, lying within,

Realise the peace and effortlessly win.


Love is impure

Love was made impure,

Had become truly blind,

Love made you unsure,

Forced your memories to rewind.

Love had broke you down,

Made you go against your will,

Love tore your hearts gown,

Became a sour pill.

Love is not love,

Wants you not to wake up,

Love (truth) is hidden love,

All else is egos’ make up.

Cup of sea

When it struck me,

Breath was weary.

Cursed my state,

Swung raw hate.

Felt like forever,

Suffered like that never.

Bled hard and soft,

Oceanic feelings swayed without a raft.

Then holiness introduced itself,

Liberated me from myself.

Found peace and clarity,

And rose amidst calamity.

Felt strangely surprised,

But was wisely sufficed.

That new cup of sea,

Became my ecstasy.

Bloom in me

Such warmth,

This relationship giveth,

Oh flower.

Such liveliness,

Your words ooze innocence,

Oh soft petals.

Such excitement,

With openness and contentment,

Oh innumerous pollens.

Such passion,

Drama and collision,

Oh burning thorns.

Such contagiousness,

Simply spreads loveliness,

Oh you bloom in me!