Words will flow through you,

And become energies,

Directions that lead you to,

Various pathways.

People long to experience,

Their childhood once,

They have attained maturity,

It’s quite ridiculous.

Funny because all your,

Life you fought against,

Immaturity and now,

You want to return back.

And you thought it,

Was immature to be,

A child but it’s not,


It’s innocence that you,

Crave so much; that,

Innocence which you,

Have left deep within you.

But it’s possible for you,

To uncover the hidden,

Innocence, which has been,

Buried inside you.

Burn all those garbs that,

You are wearing and,

Be just like the day you,

Were born, naked.



Listen to me,

Now be silent,

Feel the air,

That you breathe in.

Listen to me,

Now be aware,

Of everything,

That flows in your mind.

Listen to me,

Now drop,

Every, single, thing,

That is in your mind.

Listen to me,

Now in silence,

Don’t try to be,



After a short stint, there isn’t much to know,

All things appear to be false down below,

According to belief systems you are this,

But have you achieved happiness or bliss?

Tell me something; these values,

Codes of ethics are of any use?

Pushing principles and duties,

Destroying all those hidden beauties.

Residues of patience and peace,

Float on fearful waters; no ease,

No surface untouched, all sold,

No goals or beliefs left to hold.

Capture it!

There is a fruit to be consumed,

A time to behold,

Capture it!

There’s a night be lived,

A call to be heard,

Capture it!

There is an experience to be tasted,

A dance to be enjoyed,

Capture it!

Name Change!

Yes, I decided to have a name change. “Poet Insane” sounded original. So, I thought of using it as my main address. But now that I think about it. I sound like a freak to myself. Not that I don’t agree with myself that often. But this time, my sarcastic self said “Hah! Poet Insane? What a name! Is he Insane? OMG! He’s INSANE! I’m shocked! I’m horrified! How can you degrade yourself like that? Now, that’s insane!”

But hey, I’m mostly calm within my self. So, I witnessed this happening to me and I said to my false self, “Look mate. You’ve been enslaved by society for a long time. Now you need to wake up! What’s there in a name? And insanity is as abstract a word as God! But I doubt you’re capable of understanding this…”

That’s true. My brain doesn’t understand a lot of things. It gets confused too often and rambles a lot because “I” am difficult for him to understand. Hence, I renamed my site as “Mr. Rambler” because I have figured that most of my so-called “poetic” posts are just rambles (filled with feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas and a mixture of Jalapeño with tomato sauce).

At this moment

At this moment,

There are moments,

In which every single,

Particles’ movement is recorded.

At this moment,

You change,

But it’s not apparent because,

You are not sensitive enough.

At this moment,

Stars and comets circumambulate,

Around the sun drunk,

And star struck.

At this moment,

Moment by moment,

Moments change into new ones,

Which give rise to a pattern called life.