Concerned being

Being concerned about someone?

It’s not well appreciated by everyone.

But try not to beat yourself,

An individual will like you for sure.

Most people have no time,

To even think of someone,

Busy with other responsibilities,

You can’t blame them for it.

Despite your concern for others,

If people don’t pay it back,

Keep giving them attention,

Because the sun has always been shining.



Raindrops fall,

On a crystal lake,

Brief ripples form,

Droplets disappear.

Raindrops blend,

With soil and land,

Transforms texture,

Forming new features.

Raindrops hit,

On stones and metals,

Glides and moves; without

A purpose.

Drowning in desires

Lust has won the game,

Stripping apart morality,

No self-control is needed,

Of what use are values?

Innocence loses its place,

Playfulness lives no more,

With a grim face he looks,

The mirror shows a monster.

Throughout his life,

He ran after desires,

Nothing could hold him in a place,

He runs after illusionary ropes.

Show up! Open! Come forward!

Or this monster will sin forever,

Drowning himself in his desires,

Won’t you save him now?

Believing is seeing

The suffering type; begin concrete reliabilities,

Dividing rules into unspeakable cruelties,

Creating hate groups in nationalities,

Revolting against false realities.

Revealing is another concept,

Revolving spiritual dialects,

Inventing grand secrets,

Hiding behind social rejects.

The brainy intelligent beings,

Think seeing is believing; but

They don’t know the calling,

That ‘’believing is seeing’’.

When no one gets it,

You begin to feel it,

Without beholding it,

You won’t reveal it.

Warm impression

Waves from the ocean,

Creates an emotion.

Multiplying notion,

Distorting my sense of reason.

Can never come to a conclusion,

Since my head is not in motion.

For my feelings need no description,

Your sweetness forms a warm impression.

Cup of sea

When it struck me,

Breath was weary.

Cursed my state,

Swung raw hate.

Felt like forever,

Suffered like that never.

Bled hard and soft,

Oceanic feelings swayed without a raft.

Then holiness introduced itself,

Liberated me from myself.

Found peace and clarity,

And rose amidst calamity.

Felt strangely surprised,

But was wisely sufficed.

That new cup of sea,

Became my ecstasy.

Bloom in me

Such warmth,

This relationship giveth,

Oh flower.

Such liveliness,

Your words ooze innocence,

Oh soft petals.

Such excitement,

With openness and contentment,

Oh innumerous pollens.

Such passion,

Drama and collision,

Oh burning thorns.

Such contagiousness,

Simply spreads loveliness,

Oh you bloom in me!