Emotional, rational beings,

Coral, delusional offerings,

Cruel, irrational doings,



Feelings of hatred

A massacre that shook me,

And struck peoples gut,

Feelings of hatred heave,

Incite more hatred uncut.

Unattended emotions that rise,

With flames of darkness roughing,

Up little angels; never suffice,

With war that’s butchering.

Stop hiding behind labels,

You absolute low-life cowards,

Chaos and your causes,

Only turns you into hardcore retards.

To the music

Dance to the music,

Involve yourself,

Until you’re sick,

Groove with yourself.

Don’t make a noise,

Let the tune in,

If your senses rise,

Forget about sin.


Dark matter relays itself,

On the couch,

A bread-spread on myself,

Persuades to slouch.

White matter shines,

And gives unconditionally,

Holds your hand and binds,

You affectionately.

No matter, substance,

Order-less in any instance,

Takes absolutely no stance,

Shooting an arrow-lance.


A stalemate situation,
Heater burned with flame,
Fearful thoughts creep up,
Yet the fire had subsided.


Abyss of delight gathering moss,

A whole new level of coarse loss,

Appearance is that of a cute little,

Immolation that resulted in cattle,

Sacrificing a portion of its flesh,

Never concerning him in this mesh.

Spreading news of cruelty and failure,

Destroying the seat of his fateful stature,

Backbiting and spreading disastrous news,

Persuading mindful people as a self-made crew,

Member of their business blood; a total fool,

You talk nasty and get pushed in your whirlpool.