Vroom, vroom!

Vroom, vroom!

Fingers on the key,

Switches on,

The car starts.


And the car moves,

Gains momentum,

And gears change.

It accelerates high,

As the wheels roll,

Engine revs up,

And goes beyond hundred.

Drifts to the left,

And the steering wheel spins,

Car skids and smoothly,

Comes back to its state.

Drinking what little fuel,

The car held in its tank,

Digital meter indicates,

That it is low on petrol.

The driver grinning,

Speaks on his hands-free Bluetooth,

And says, “Come on, come on. You’ve

Got to rev up mate!”

Approximately 50 meters away,

A shining red sports car is,

Tailing a white coupé,

Its engine vrooming as it throttles.

“You’re driving a coupé dammit!

Why are you so fast?”

Replies the man who is,

Driving the sports car.

“It’s not about the car Mr. Forsen.

It never was, never is. It’s all about the driver,”

Says Paulo, sitting in the black driver’s seat,

Using his footwork with ease on the pedals.

The coupé abruptly began to slow down,

“Listen. No more fuel left. I’ve got to stop.

I won right?”

“Oh shut up,” replies Mr. Forsen.


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