Name Change!

Yes, I decided to have a name change. “Poet Insane” sounded original. So, I thought of using it as my main address. But now that I think about it. I sound like a freak to myself. Not that I don’t agree with myself that often. But this time, my sarcastic self said “Hah! Poet Insane? What a name! Is he Insane? OMG! He’s INSANE! I’m shocked! I’m horrified! How can you degrade yourself like that? Now, that’s insane!”

But hey, I’m mostly calm within my self. So, I witnessed this happening to me and I said to my false self, “Look mate. You’ve been enslaved by society for a long time. Now you need to wake up! What’s there in a name? And insanity is as abstract a word as God! But I doubt you’re capable of understanding this…”

That’s true. My brain doesn’t understand a lot of things. It gets confused too often and rambles a lot because “I” am difficult for him to understand. Hence, I renamed my site as “Mr. Rambler” because I have figured that most of my so-called “poetic” posts are just rambles (filled with feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas and a mixture of Jalapeño with tomato sauce).


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